To the sound of Quinta Alta


"I was at a friend's apartment at the end of the year and I saw the bread van! I saw the movement of people coming down from their houses and going there to get the bread. I remembered the Natura consultants. I remembered Avon. I told myself! I have to go out there and sell my wines! I have to take them to people's homes!", described Fernanda about the idea of ​​creating an alternative wine sales channel.

"I had tremendous misfortune. I launched Quinta Alta in February 2020. I'm an orphan of all government support and aid! I just want to work! I just want to sell wines and promote moments of happiness! That's all!", she said.

The project is to take the Quinta Alta van to a point in Portugal every week, in partnership with the distributors and wine cellars that work with Quinta Alta, through a new sales channel that is the winery-to-door.

"It's making use of digital interactions with door-to-door so that we can make our business viable within the limitations that are imposed on us at the moment." She added to the producer that she is neither afraid nor ashamed of being a street vendor at this point in her life.

To pursue this goal of selling wines door-to-door, it gathered its electoral campaign partners and created, with them, a campaign jingle and a video clip to move social networks and thus be able to "enchant" with their smile and their wines. the guys who are in confinement thirsty for a few bottles of wine.

The jingle lyrics are by Zuccaro and Nino Antunes. The musical arrangement was in charge of Da Tune Studio. The images were produced by Pedro Dias and Nuno Mouronho and edited by the video producer Registro Urbano.

As they say in good Brazilian: whoever has a friend does not die a pagan!