The wisdom and art of Douro
wine making!

Francisco Montenegro is the winemaker who leads the development of the Quinta Alta line of wines and who, together with Fernanda Zuccaro, gives it personality, charisma and excellence. Wine producer for over 25 years, the engineer "son of the Douro", is also the author of several iconic wines of the brand Aneto Wines, having a path marked by family roots that enabled him with the fundamental technical skills to put into each drop of wine, his ability to live the Terroir intensely.

That said, it is in the Aneto Wines Winery that the Quinta Alta wines take shape, being supervised according to the Douro tradition and the most recent techniques of Viticulture and Oenology.

The composition of the blends of Quinta Alta wines combines contemporaneity and tradition in offering wines certified with the DOC Douro seal, with the unique characteristics of the Douro terroir.