The History


Fernanda Zuccaro is Brazilian but today she calls herself without a doubt as....

                                                     a Woman from the Douro!

Despite her success as a marketing professional, Fernanda always aspired to improve herself in the wine universe. Therefore, in 2017, she became a wine producer and was not intimidated by the harshness of the Douro region. Quite the contrary, she was enchanted and seduced by the strength and magic of a land where only the strong resist.

In September 2019, the Quinta Alta company presented its first wines, starting commercial operations in the Brazilian and European markets as a differentiated wine producer.

Owner of an exuberant personality and a young and enterprising spirit, Fernanda Zuccaro, who is an historian, specialized in business administration, social communication and political marketing, has always revealed a natural aptitude for the wine universe.

In Brazil, she was always responsible for organizing events that included the harmonization of the dishes and wines presented at lunches and dinners, resorting to her private wine cellar, whose diversity - created bottle by bottle due to her many trips around the world -, forced her to develop an eclectic and refined sense of smell and taste. At the time she could never have imagined how much the organization of these events would prepare her for the challenge of studying, understanding, and working with the various Douro grape varieties and their respective tasting characteristics.

After an unforgettable trip to Portugal, she was conquered by the beautiful landscapes of the Alto Douro Wine Region and decided to become a producer, moving to the Douro with the objective of making her dream come true.

Today, QALT wines are the reflection of this dream of Fernanda Zuccaro who literally left everything behind, Brazil, her family and a successful career, to become a wine producer in the Douro.

Academic Path

Fernanda Zuccaro has a broad academic background, national and international, with passages at FGV/SP (2004/2005), MBA in Business Administration, ESPM/SP (2006/2007), specialization in Social Communication, University of Cambridge, England (1999/2000), University of Florida, Gainsville, USA (2012), University of Paris VI , Sorbonne, Paris, France (2013), and a Master's in Enology and Viticulture at the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Vila Real, Portugal (2017/2018).

The Voice


Responsible for the commercial area of QALT, Nuno Mouronho is known as the "Moço dos Vinhos" (Wine Boy) and has the arduous task of exploring the national territory in search of partners and points of sale comparable to the strategic positioning that he defends for the company.

Owner of a charismatic and bold profile, he has 15 years of experience in the same role in renowned projects in Alentejo - Sexy Wines and FitaPreta Vinhos - and in the Douro - Maçanita Vinhos - having embraced the Quinta Alta project in 2020 as his own, taking responsibility for marketing and sales of the company nationally and internationally.

Driven by challenges, he is the great idealizer of new projects, products and markets so that Quinta Alta reaches unimaginable heights. For this reason, he is the one who listens the most to the national and international market, contributing with his sensibility to the projection of this Douro project in the competitive world of wines.

Together we are stronger!

Right to a new beginning!

Unity is strength and sharing a common dream brings two new faces with a Brazilian accent to the Quinta Alta project in 2022: Taisa and Otto Gubel. Just like Fernanda Zuccaro and Nuno Mouronho, this couple also had the ambition to become wine producers in the Douro and so a new post-pandemic partnership was born!
Young and dynamic, the four partners' mission is to consolidate Quinta Alta as a recognized brand of Douro wines for its quality, excellence and, of course, for its boldness and innovation in the universe of Portuguese wines!

Otto Gubel

Taisa Gubel